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About Us

DH Remodel Services is a construction company that is dedicated to quality of work and satisfied customers. We specialize in Window Replacements, Exterior Painting, Heating and Air Conditioning, Roofing, Solar, Landscaping, Insulation, LED Lighting and More!

We service the state of California and Texas.



What We Do



One of our specialist will

reach out to you and 

pre-screen you as a candidate for your renovation.



If you seem like a good fit,

we will schedule a certified expert to visit you for an in-home consultation.


Personalized Design

You will receive a customized design based on your home improvement or energy needs. 


Lets Get Started

Have you decided to move foward? Let us do all the work, we'll get the permits needed and keep you in the loop to get your project done ASAP

Energy efficient windows are are great way to save money on monthly electric costs!

Get a new roof that can last for 30 years with no leaks!

Go off the grid and never pay for energy again with a solar system for your home!


" I love DH Remodel Services! They helped me get a new roof on my mobile home. The metal roof was leaking for months, but DH Remodel was able to get us a brand new roof and under $5,000! Great work guys!"

John Rickenbach, San Francisco, CA

“Great quality service. Highly recommend them. David helped us a lot."

Sara Smith, Los Angeles, CA

“When I wanted to get a solar powered swimming pool DH Remodel Services convinced us to switch our entire home to solar power. Now my house runs 100% on solar and I pay $0 in electrical. Best move I ever made. "

John Fritz, San Francisco, CA

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